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Tip Sheet for Creating a Wet Meadow

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It's possible to create a wet meadow successfully with the right preparation and materials.

Tip Sheet for Creating a Wet Meadow

Eliminate existing cool season turf grasses with a Glyphosate based herbicide (Roundup or equal) prior to seeding. Critsite offers an excellent native seed mix containing local-source native grasses, wildflowers, and some wetland species for use in establishing a wet meadow prairie in the bottom of a standard detention basin (see 'Articles' for "Creating a Wet Meadow." In most applications, the user should utilize a biodegradable straw blanket (Greenfix WS072 or NAG S150BN) to ensure that the seed does not float from the soil. Our firm also recommends the use of a mycorrhizal inoculant (GroLife granular, or equal) per the seed producer's recommendation at the time of seed installation.

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