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Straw Wattle

Straw Wattle

Our Straw Wattles are made from weed-free straw. The wattles imitate natural stabilization by reducing rate of flow, absorbing water and filtering sediment. By trapping silt and seed, the wattles allow native vegetation and brush to begin to revegetate and restore root integrity. Stabilization of the hillside will eventually transition to the reformed growth as the Wattles decay. The wattles also form a durable containment area to prevent polluted runoff from reaching surface waters.

Wattles may be cut to length.

Wattles can be used for inlet protection.

Straw Wattles replace Silt Fences, Sandbags, Willow Wattles, and Straw Bales with a natural, earth-friendly, weed-free solution.

Sizes Available:

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