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Phlox pilosa ssp. Ozarkana

Downy Phlox

Phlox pilosa ssp. Ozarkana (Downy Phlox)

In late spring, loose clusters of fragrant, long-blooming, pink to purple flowers appear. The nectar is a good source of food for butterflies. The plant spreads slowly by underground stems and forms large colonies. It is a species that has excellent resistance to powdery mildew.

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12-16 Inches


12- Inches


Bloom/Seasonal Color
Deep Pink / Rose

USDA Hardiness Zone 3-8

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Good Companions
Pale Purple Coneflower (Echinacea pallida), Wild Quinine (Parthenium integrifolium), Foxglove Beard Tongue (Penstemon digitalis)

Characteristics & Attributes

Hydrologic Designation


Nature Attracting


Season of Interest

Mid (May-June)

Soil Moisture


Sun Exposure

Full Sun

USFS MO Ecological Map

Wildlife Benefit

Butterfly Nectar
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