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Amorpha fruiticosa

Indigo Bush

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Amorpha fruiticosa (Indigo Bush)

Indigo Bush is a shrub with firm, woody branches and twigs that are green and hairy. The leaves have 13 to 25 leaflets each. The leaflets are one to two inches long, resinous, dotted and hairy. The flowers are terminal on the branches in erect racemes. The fruit is about 1/4 inch long and curved.

Additional Information:
A. fruticosa is considered an invasive exotic species in the western United States. It is, however, native to the eastern US. It was often planted as an ornamental or for bank stabilization and has become naturalized in some western states.

10-20 Feet


15-40 Feet


Bloom/Seasonal Color
Blue Violet

USDA Hardiness Zone 3-8

Home Owner Growing and Maintenance Tips:

Characteristics & Attributes

Hydrologic Designation


Nature Attracting

Beneficial Insects

Season of Interest

Mid (May-June)

Soil Moisture


Sun Exposure

Full Sun
Medium Sun/Average Shade

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Wildlife Benefit

Butterfly Nectar