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Hamamelis vernalis
Hamamelis vernalis
Common Name: Vernal Witchhazel
From late winter into early spring, this unique native shrub blooms when little else is flowering. The fragrant flowers, which can persist for three to four weeks, are clustered or solitary. Flowers are yellow to dark red in color and have four strip-like petals that are ¼" to ½" long. As an adaptive mechanism, the petals curl up on cold days. In fall, a hard, woody fruit capsule ½" long splits down a 2-parted tip and seeds are forced out or shot out to a distance of 30 feet! Ruffed grouse and turkey eat the seeds and flowers. Witch Hazel extract comes from the leaves, bark and twigs.
Height: 6-10 Feet
Spread: 6-8 Feet
USDA Hardiness Zone: 4-8