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Gaillardia pulchella
Gaillardia pulchella
Common Name: Indian Blanket
The Indian Blanket is a short-lived perennial wildflower native to the central United States. Its vibrant colored flowers can be seen carpeting fields and the sides of highways for miles in the summer to late fall. The branching stem of this plant is hairy and upright. Leaves are wide and alternate, mostly basal, with edges smooth to coarsely-toothed or lobed. The pinwheel, daisy-like flowers are vividly colored with red, orange and yellow. The center of the flower tends to be more red-violet, with the outer tips being yellow. It blooms in summer to early fall. Plants are hardy and tolerant of most soils, though sandy and well-drained are best. It has a high drought tolerance and does best with a dry, hot climate in full sun.
Height: -24 Inches
Spread: -24 Inches