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Stachys betonica
Stachys betonica
Common Name: Wood Betony
An interesting wildflower found in woods and forest clearings, in mesic to dry black soil prairies, savannas, and borders of lakes. Small flowers, about 3/4" long, bloom in yellow, rusty-red, or both between April and June. The flowers are replaced by large fruits that are angular and hairy. The foliage consists primarily of basal leaves up to 6" long and 2" across, which are arranged as a rosette. From the center of this rosette, emerges a stout flowering stalk, which is often covered with long white hairs. The stalk itself may be green or reddish brown. There are a few small leaves that alternate along this stem. The root system consists of a taproot, and lateral roots that are parasitic on the roots of grasses and possibly other plants. Wood Betony, however, is capable of normal growth and development even when suitable host plants are unavailable. This plant often forms colonies by reseeding itself.
Height: 5-14 Inches
Spread: 12-15 Inches