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WEEDestroy AM40

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WEEDestroy AM40

Available in 1 gallon and 2.5 gallon.

Weedestroy® AM-40 is a selective herbicide for control of many broadleaf weeds and brush control in aquatic sites,
non-crop areas such as rights-of-way, drainage ditchbanks, fence rows and lawns, also pastures, rangeland as well
as other listed crops. This versatile formulation controls or suppresses more than 120 broadleaf and brushy weeds.
It’s safe for desirable grasses and offers excellent tank-mix compatibility. The water-based amine formulation utilizes
colorless, high performance surface agents and contains highly effective sequestering agents which allow for more
solubility in hard water.

Easy to Use

• Excellent tank-mix compatibility
• More solubility in hard water
• Clear amine-based formulation

Excellent Weed Control

• Outstanding control of hard-to-control weeds and brush species
• One of the most comprehensive labels for aquatic uses
• Excellent choice for noxious and invasive weed control in native grasses
• Easy on desirable grasses

2 4-d, liquid, herbicide, aquatic, selective