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Penstemon hirsutus

Hairy Beardtongue

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Penstemon hirsutus (Hairy Beardtongue)

Native wildflower to the eastern United States which occurs on rock outcrops. Thrives on thin soil, good drainage, and open shade or full sun. Lavender to white flowers are borne on tall, erect stems in early to mid-summer. It is the shortest of our four Penstemons.

Additional Information:
The common name of Beard-tongue comes from the tuft of yellow hairs just outside of the throats of the flowers which resemble delicate Snapdragons.

12-36 Inches


12-24 Inches


Bloom/Seasonal Color

USDA Hardiness Zone 4-9

Home Owner Growing and Maintenance Tips:
While technically classified as perennials, excessive soil richness may result in a short life for a Penstemon. Good, rich, moisture retentive soil will result in a taller plant; lean, dry soil will keep it shorter.

Good Companions
Wild Sweet William (Phlox divaricata), Common Evening Primrose (Oenothera biennis)

Characteristics & Attributes

Hydrologic Designation


Nature Attracting

Beneficial Insects

Season of Interest

Mid (May-June)

Soil Moisture


Special Uses

Fresh Cut Flower

Sun Exposure

Full Sun
Medium Sun/Average Shade

Wildlife Benefit

Butterfly Nectar