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Native Plants

Botanical Name     Common Name
Ilex decidua
Common Name: Deciduous Holly
This shrub or small tree produces white flowers in late spring and early summer followed by orange or red berries on female plants, which persist through the winter. The berries are enjoyed by birds but especially by bluebirds. A male plant is requi...

Ilex verticillata
Common Name: Winterberry Holly
This native deciduous holly is a small to medium-sized deep green shrub with yellow fall color. It is grown for its outstanding berry display. The showy red berries ripen in September and will sometimes persist well into January. The bark is attrac...

Iris cristata
Common Name: Crested Iris
For two weeks in late spring, clouds of blue flowers float above the foliage. All through the summer, the foliage remains handsome making this a good choice for a naturalized ground cover. Occurs naturally on wooded slopes and along stream banks....

Iris fulva
Common Name: Copper Iris
In late spring, beardless, crestless, deep copper flowers bloom. The flowers are attractive to and are pollinated by hummingbirds. The leaves are bright green and sword shaped; they remain attractive all season long....

Iris pseudacorus
Common Name: Yellow Flag Iris
This highly invasive, non-native wetland plant is especially showy during its short blooming period. It has been transplanted into well-watered gardens all over the world and has widely escaped. It is also used in sewage treatment because of it capac...

Iris versicolor
Common Name: Blue Flag
A hardy lakeshore perennial of shallow water, two to three tall. Flowers bloom May to June and are large and showy. Petals are light to deep blue with yellow and whitish markings at the base of the sepals. Each stem bears two or three flowers. The w...

Iris virginica var. shrevei
Common Name: Southern Blue Flag
This moisture loving iris with narrow, bright green leaves has fragrant, blue violet flowers with falls crested in yellow and white. A perfect choice for rain gardens and along pond edges....

Itea virginica
Common Name: Virginia Sweetspire
This shrub has slender upright branches that eventually arch over. It blooms in May or June with fragrant clusters of drooping creamy white flowers. In fall, the dark green leaves turn scarlet and remain showy for many weeks. The shrub is usually w...