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Native Plants

Botanical Name     Common Name
Filipendula rubra
Common Name: Queen of the Prairie
This regal beauty blooms in early to mid-summer with huge showy flower heads of deep pink sway on strong stems that are three to seven feet tall. Dark green, deeply divided foliage-a magnificent sight! The spent flower heads are also attractive....

Fraxinus americana
Common Name: White Ash
Large and fast growing shade tree with outstanding fall colors ranging from yellow to deep purple and maroon. The coloring depends on soil type and the individual genetics of the tree. It is one of the first trees to color in fall. The leaves are ...

Fraxinus pennsylvanicus lanceolata
Common Name: Green Ash
This large and fast growing shade tree is adaptable to many sites. Habit is strongly upright and spreading with age. Fall color is yellow but not as colorful as the White Ash. It has compound leaves with five to nine leaflets and gray bark. The ba...

Gaillardia pulchella
Common Name: Indian Blanket
The Indian Blanket is a short-lived perennial wildflower native to the central United States. Its vibrant colored flowers can be seen carpeting fields and the sides of highways for miles in the summer to late fall. The branching stem of this plant...

Gaura lindheimeri
Common Name: Gaura
Gaura is a clump-forming, vase-shaped, somewhat shrubby perennial. It is best known for its four-petaled, butterfly-like flowers and long bloom period--from spring to early autumn. Pinkish buds along wiry, erect, wand-like stems open to white flowers...

Gentiana andrewsii
Common Name: Bottle Gentian
Best grown in moist, rich, acidic, well-drained soils in part shade. Dislikes hot nights. If left undisturbed, plants in optimum growing conditions will naturalize over time into large clumps. Typically grows one to two feet tall. The name comes fro...

Geranium maculatum
Common Name: Wild Geranium
In spring, this clump-forming woodland perennial forms a mound of deeply cut, palmately-lobed, dark green foliage. It flowers for six to seven weeks with 1 1/4" diameter, medium-pink to lilac, saucer-shaped, five-petaled flowers....

Geum canadense
Common Name: White Avens
A perennial weed primarily of damp and shaded areas that occasionally occurs as a weed in lawns and turfgrass. Found throughout the southeastern United States....

Geum triflorum
Common Name: Prairie Smoke
The most distinguishing feature of this North American native prairie plant is not the rosy flowers that bloom in late spring, but the fruiting heads which follow. As the flower fades and the seeds begin to form, the styles elongate (to 2" long) to f...

Glandularia canadensis
Common Name: Rose Verbena
For several months, from spring through summer, this trailing plant quickly flowers with flat-topped clusters of deep pink to rose-purple flowers on top of stems that attract butterflies. It forms a lovely ground cover and also does well in containe...

Gleditsia triacanthos
Common Name: Honey Locust
Best grown in rich, moist, well-drained soils in full sun. Will tolerate a range of conditions including high wind, high summer heat, and drought conditions. Easily recognized for the large spines on the trunk, popular for shade hedges and attracti...

Glyceria striata
Common Name: Fowl Manna Grass
The plant is tolerant of any soil. It can grow in part shade or sun. It requires wet soil and can grow in standing water. Plants of this genus are often planted in and around water gardens because they have attractive open flowering heads....

Gymnocladus dioicus
Common Name: Kentucky Coffeetree
Here is a native tree that has real character and is a winner! Tolerant and adaptable to a wide variety of sites it has a fairly upright crown with relatively heavy branches forming picturesque outlines. It is very late to leaf out. Female trees p...