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Alisma triviale

Large-Flowered Water Plantain

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Alisma triviale (Large-Flowered Water Plantain)

This aquatic species can be found scattered throughout much of the Midwest. The plant consist of a rosette of smooth, oval-shaped basal leaves about one foot tall and up to seven inches long and three inches across. Plants of this genus are eaten by wildlife such as muskrats. The rhizomes are eaten as well as the leaves.

Additional Information:
It occurs primarily in seasonal wetlands that are prone to drying out during summer droughts, including shallow marshes, edges of shallow ponds and lakes, sloughs and temporary pools in wet meadows or prairies, and shallow slow-moving streams. Like Alisma subcordatum (Small-Flowered Water Plantain), this species can tolerate considerable disturbance.

-3 Feet


-3 Feet


Bloom/Seasonal Color

USDA Hardiness Zone 4-6

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Good Companions
Needle Spike Rush (Eleocharis acicularis), Blue Flag (Iris versicolor), Soft Rush (Juncus effusus)

Characteristics & Attributes

Hydrologic Designation


Nature Attracting

Beneficial Insects



Season of Interest

Late (July-frost)
Mid (May-June)

Soil Moisture


Sun Exposure

Full Sun

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Wildlife Benefit

Food/Small Animals