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Fertilizer - General Application - No pesticide

Prairie Rock Brand Fertilizer - General application without pesticide.

Flower and Bloom 3-12-12 NPK

GRO-POWER FLOWER 'N' BLOOMUsed in areas where a higher phosphorus and potassium nutrient is desired, i.e. blooming plants, color, fruit or vegetable gardens and turf.

Granular Fertilizer - 13-13-13

13-13-13 N-P-K

Triple 13 is a great all around turf fertilizer. 

Planting Tablets - 12 Month 12-8-8 NPK

GRO-POWER PLANTING TABLETS7 gram planting tablet designed for 12 month slow release. May be used in new plantings, existing plants, containers, water plants.

Soil Conditioner - Plus 5-3-1

Gro-Power Plus is designed for soil conditions that are impossible, such as highly-compacted, hard pan areas (clay, adobe, caliche soils) or areas that have extremely high levels of salt (EC), sodium boron or pH problems.