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Native Plants

Botanical Name     Common Name
Baptisia alba (leucantha)
Common Name: White Wild Indigo
This shrubby-looking plant re-emerges each spring from fat shoots that resemble asparagus. Long spikes of creamy white flowers bloom on individual stalks held above yellow-green leaves in late spring. Flowers are followed by interesting blue-black po...

Baptisia australis
Common Name: Blue Wild Indigo
Big clusters of indigo-blue, pea-like flowers bloom on graceful erect to arching stems in mid-spring to early summer. The flowers are followed by inflated blue-black pods which are useful in dried arrangements. The blue-green foliage is quite handsom...

Baptisia leucophaea
Common Name: Cream Wild Indigo
This is a fairly low growing native plant which is easily spotted in the late spring growing along roadside prairies and open woods. The gracefully arching, creamy yellow horizontal flower stalks are unmistakable. Leaves and stems are finely hairy. A...

Beckmannia syzigachne
Common Name: American Sloughgrass
American Sloughgrass grows along the edge of ponds and ditches, in wet meadows and marshes in northern regions into Canada. It is palatable to livestock and is often common enough to be an important hay crop....

Betula nigra
Common Name: River Birch
A moderate to slow-growing, medium-sized tree with beautiful, exfoliating, reddish-brown to silvery-gray bark. Can be grown with a single trunk or as a multi-stemmed tree. The leaves cast a light, dappled shade and the fall leaf color is yellow. Norm...

Bidens aristosa
Common Name: Tickseed
One of our most beautiful and striking wildflowers, Tickseed blooms from August to September, often forming large stands along roadsides and in fields....

Bidens cernua
Common Name: Nodding Bur Marigold
This wildflower's common names comes from the tendancy of its mature flowers to droop, from the clinging nature of the two pronged seeds, and the superficial resemblance of the yellow flower to the marigold....

Bidens frondosa
Common Name: Devil's Beggartick
August - October. This Bidens species is one without ray flowers The yellowish "blossom" is created from August through October by many small flowers crowded together into a tubular head, forming a disk, without ray flowers present. Each head is ...

Bidens polylepis
Common Name: Bur-Marigold
An annual with yellow flowers in late summer which are followed by long, sharp seeds commonly known as "beggar's ticks." Flowers are prolific and showy and the finely divided leaves provide lots of texture. Good groundcover in moist areas but may be ...

Bignonia capreolata
Common Name: Cross Vine
A semi-evergreen woody vine with clusters of sweetly scented, orange-red, tubular flowers with yellow throats. The showy flowers bloom April-June and attract hummingbirds. The vine attaches by tendrils and small disks. Dark green leaves turn red-purp...

Blephilia ciliata
Common Name: Ohio Horsemint
Ohio Horsemint is a native perennial which occurs in dry open woods and thickets, clearings, fields and along roadsides. A clump-forming, mint family member that features mostly unbranched, square stems. Blue-violet, two-lipped flowers appear in late...

Boltonia asteroides
Common Name: False Aster
This is a lovely and easy-to-grow addition for the late summer to early fall garden. False Aster typically occurs in wet prairies, wet meadows, marshes, stream banks and pond peripheries. Lance-shaped, gray-green leaves (to five inches long) grow on ...

Bouteloua curtipendula
Common Name: Sideoats Grama
Short to mid-height grass produces inconspicuous small flowers in summer with bright, reddish orange stamens that dangle along one side of slender stems. Narrow leaves form small clumps and turn gold in autumn. Very drought tolerant. The seeds and f...

Bouteloua gracilis
Common Name: Blue Grama
Blue Grama is a clump-forming native grass which is typically found in dry soils on upland prairies and along railroad tracks. It is an important component of the short grass prairies of the Great Plains. A diminutive species of grass which features ...

Bouteloua hirsuta
Common Name: Hairy Grama
A small, delicate grass usually growing to a height of no more than 10 inches.The leaves are at the base of the plant, and are covered with hair-like threads. The flowers of the Hairy Grama are in hairy, comb-like clusters on one side of the stem....

Buchloe dactyloides
Common Name: Buffalo Grass
Buffalo grass is a warm-season, native, perennial shortgrass. It is a dominant grass of the shortgrass prairie west of the Midwest and is commonly found on overgrazed uplands in our region. It has both stolons and rhizomes and the male and female flo...